• 13/04/15 - Uploaded a short (demo) video on life processes. Enjoy!
  • 13/04/15 - Tested this website on 3 browsers (see Browser Compatibility)
  • 14/04/15 - Uploaded first B6 video: Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming. Enjoy!
  • 14/04/15 - Tested this website on yet 1 more browser (see Browser Compatibility)
  • 20/04/15 - Uploaded 3 videos on IGCSE Biology Unit B6. Enjoy!


This awesome website contains the following features:

  • Lots of professional Biology videos on the theme of Ecosystems (Unit B6 in the specification) by Year 11 Biology Set 1 Students
  • Offline browsing so you can use this website to revise even if there is no internet connection available (only works if caches are enabled)
  • A timer to keep track of how long you have used this website to revise!

Revision and Repetition - The key to success

To secure an A* in your Edexcel IGCSE Biology, you will have to revise for it. Since revision involves a lot of repetition, you should be repeatedly going through your notes and textbook, memorising and learning anything that you think you have not mastered yet. The same applies to this website. If you watch a video and are unsure if you recall that information, watch it again. Just keep watching the videos until you are 100% confident you have remembered everything there is to remember.

Welcome to Ms. Henderson's IGCSE Biology Website!

This website currently focuses mainly on Unit B6 (Ecosystems) on the Edexcel IGCSE Biology specification.

As of 14/04/15, the videos are already complete, and one is already available: Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming. The other videos will be uploaded onto this website as Ms. Henderson finishes authenticating and making final tweaks to the videos. Please stay with us and enjoy the video of "Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming".

IGCSE Biology Unit B6 (Ecosystems) Videos

Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming

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Acid Rain

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Short Video

The short Biology video is still available for download and viewing.

IGCSE Biology in 60 Seconds - Characteristics of Living Organisms

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Browser Compatibility

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This website has been proven to display perfectly on the following browsers:

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